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June 20

Dear Parents,

Our teddy bear picnic will be tomorrow.  We will be serving them ice cream sundaes.  If your child has any allergies or can't have ice cream please email me at or send a note in their red communication folder tomorrow.  

Friday will be our sports day celebration.  We will be able to travel to a variety of stations to play a few different activities.  Please make sure your child has sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, and insect repellent on before school starts.  It will be a regular Friday with the students being dismissed at 10:43.  Parents you are more then  welcome to come and volunteer if you have your police clearance during our sports day activities.

Our year end kindergarten celebration will be on Tuesday June 26, at 9:30 in the gym.  We will have a poem, song, slideshow and a few other precious memories to share with you all.  We hope you are able to make it for the celebration.  We will return to our rooms after the portion in the gym for you to take home indoor shoes, letter factory boxes and memory books.  You may take your child home with you after you have visited the classroom.  Please let your child's teacher know if you are taking them home. 

Thank you for all your support this year. 

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Ms. Watterberg and Mrs. Reid

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June 15

Kindergarten Network News

This week in kindergarten we wrote in our journals making a prediction on the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers on Monday then on Tuesday we finished the book and they wrote in their journals describing their favourite part of the book.   On Wednesday we visited the grade one classes.  On Thursday we made Father’s Day cards and wrote about our visit to the grade one classes.  On Friday we walked to the Southwood Library and had lots of stories read to us.  We got to look around the library at all the wonderful books and movies.  We even got to see the back room where all the workers check in the books and the return chute where people send their books in to return.   

Happy Father's Day!  Enjoy the weekend.

Thank you to all the parents who walked to the library with us and helped us in our classrooms this week.  We value all your volunteer time and helping us to enrich your child's kindergarten experiences.

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Kindergarten Network News for June 7th.

Kindergarten Network News.


This week in kindergarten we had outside gym.  We had to run to the fence, do three jumps using our shock absorbers (knees) 2 slides and then we were free to play.  We did camel research this week.  Ask me what the camels’ humps are made of.  *Hint (not water).   We also did butterfly math.  We drew the beginning middle and end of the story We Are Here by Oliver Jeffers.

There is No School tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Kindergarten Network News June 1

Kindergarten Network News

We did camel research today.

We went to the zoo this week.  We saw the new Pandas.

We at lunch at the Kitambu Café.

We saw hippos, giraffe, and lots of other animals.  Ask me about my favourite animals.  We did a journal story about our favourite animal at the zoo.  We would like to thank all our parent volunteers for helping to make our zoo field trip lots of fun and very cool.

We had a fire drill this week.

We made buckets for our friends.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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May 25 Kindergarten News This Week

This week in Kindergarten


We continued our animal research we learned about pandas and lions.  We are very excited about our trip to the zoo on Tuesday.  We have a letter coming home on Monday to prepare you for the zoo.  Here is a copy of the letter to help you prepare over the weekend. 

Dear Parents,

Tuesday May 29th is our field trip to the Calgary Zoo. This is a FULL DAY field trip. We are scheduled to return back to EMJ at 2:30pm for the afternoon dismissal.  If your child rides the bus home from school you may send them on the school bus Tuesday afternoon when we return home.  The bus drivers have been informed and will look for your child.  Your child will be sent home on their regular school bus at the end of the day unless you are picking them up.  Please let us know if you plan to pick them up in the afternoon so we can inform the bus drivers.

If you have any questions please send us an email at, or write a note in your child’s red communication folder or you may call the school at 403-777-8500.


Please bring:

  • A healthy lunch and snack (waste free if possible), with a water bottle.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. (Running Shoes only).
  • Sunscreen and or insect repellent if necessary.
  • A backpack that can hold everything your child will need as they will carry their backpack with them during our visit to the zoo.
  • Please do not send umbrellas unless they fold down and fit inside your child's backpack


Please send your child to school on time, as we will be leaving the school at 9:00am.  This information will also be posted on the blogs as well.


Kind Regards

S. Watterberg and H. Reid


We did some fun ways of figuring out how to count to ten with basic addition.  Some of us did 5 + 5 = 10, some of us did 3+7= 10, ask your child to share some of this fun learning with you at home.


Thank you to everyone for sending in your fundraising money for jump rope for heart.  We had 5 different stations that we visited today. 

  1. hopscotch
  2. 2 helicopter skipping
  3. elastics ( Chinese Skipping)
  4. long rope skipping
  5. individual skipping with ropes or hula hoops


We planted our garden outside yesterday.  It was fun for each person to break the soil with shovels, spades and rakes.  We even had time to play outside at the park yesterday.


We hope you have a safe and fun weekend.

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May 17

Kindergarten News for the week of May 14 – 17th, 2018


We read a story about a duck on a bike today.  We had to make predictions about what would happen in the middle of the story.  Ask me about my prediction. 

We did bee math.  We put unequal bees in 4 different hives.

Michael’s mom, dad, and brother came to our class and showed us live bees, bees wax, they showed us bee hives and wicks from candles, and a smoker.  A smoker is used to make the bees think their house in in fire so they move into the hive and eat honey then become drowsy so the workers can safely remove the honey from the hive.

We learned a new poem.  Please help me practice my new poem at home.  We are learning how to skip in gym this week.

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May 11

Kindergarten News for May 7 to 11. 


This week we did some exciting learning in kindergarten.  We did bee research.  We learned that bees pollinate flowers but only flowers that have a centre surrounding the petals.  We learned that the female bees do all the work and the male bees are basically lazy. Male bees have no stingers and they die in the winter.  Female bees can live for up to five years.  They are dormant in the winter.  The queen bee does lots of work including incubating the eggs and making sure the eggs are kept warm.  We did bee math this week too.  The students loved sharing how many stingers, legs, antennae’s, and wings 1 bee, 2 bees, or 3 bees have. 

We had a Me to We assembly today.  The teachers’ had a competition with the students on speed stacking.  We had popcorn and watched a movie about the earthquake in Haiti and how we are raising money to support this cause. 

We made a special card and sent home our plants.  We hope all the mom’s enjoy their pants and will plant them in a garden even the Southwood Community Garden if you do not have a garden at home. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s.  Enjoy the weekend.  Hope you all treated like royalty.

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May 3

Kindergarten News for the Week of April 3oth – May 3rd.

 Thank you so much to everyone for bringing in the letter factory boxes.  The students were thrilled to listen to one another and share all the things they learned about the letter they were representing.


There is NO SCHOOL tomorrow Friday May 4th, for KINDERGARTEN students only!


We saw a great play today.  We loved the funny sounds and laughed a lot but we thought the play was too long.

We shared our letter factory boxes.  We drew our plants in our journals.  We did yoga because the gym was closed for setting up the stage for the play. 

We did apple and banana math.  We made patterns on our baskets in math too.

Have a great weekend.

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May 1

Here is the parent letter we sent home for the Letter factory with the links in the blog.  Hopefully you can just click and go if not highlight copy into the url bar and watch the video from there.  I hope you are all having fun creating letter boxes.  We have had some come into the class already and they are looking fantastic.  Thanks so much for all your help with this project. 

April 23rd, 2018

Dear Parents,


We are excited to bring you a homework project to work on at home with your child. We would like your child to create a shoebox diorama that represents the following letter of the alphabet: ________________.  This letter is the “theme” for your diorama and everything inside the box will be connected to this theme.


Please visit my blog to watch the short video clip with step by step instructions how to make a diorama:


To complete this activity, you can use paint, construction paper, plasticine, pictures, magazine or cardboard cutouts, rhyming words, small toys they are willing to donate to the school or other creative items to represent their letter.  Please create your shoebox diorama so that it displays horizontally and faces outward on it’s side like the example from the video.


Here is a link for the letter factory video to help you understand the idea of what we would like to build for our classroom using the idea of different rooms (the shoeboxes) that contain letter sounds and words that start with a given letter:


Our classroom’s letter factory will be on display during our Welcome to Kindergarten evening for next year’s Kindergarten students. to showcase all the great work the students have done in the classroom this year.  The students will be allowed to play with the letter factory during daily center time as a fun way to practice letters and letter sounds with their peers. We look forward to the creative projects that the students will create and bring to share with the class.


Please return the shoebox dioramas to school by May 3rd so that we can put together the display.


Thanks for your support!  This info will also be posted on our blogs in case you need to reference it.

Mrs. Reid & Mrs. Watterberg

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Our Secret Garden

This week we planted a secret garden in our classroom. We are going to use our science observation skills to watch and see what comes up on our garden!  We sketched our plants that have been growing in the classroom. We used our math skills to predict how big they will get this summer, how many leaves our plant will grow and how many beans it will sprout.  We talked about what makes things "equal" in math and learned how to balance our boat with numbers.  We are continuing to practice our reading skills by reading our poems and some fun books!  We had gym outside yesterday.  We were running and kicking soccer balls.  We will be doing a fund raiser in May JUMP ROPE for HEART, please watch for important details coming home in May about this event.  

We are planning to go to the zoo on Tuesday May 29th.  We need volunteers for this field trip.  Please let me know if you are able to help us out on this day. 

Letter Factory Video

Please continue to work on your letter boxes at home and return them May 3rd so that we can build our Letter Factory.  We watched the video through this week to practice our letter sounds and brainstorm ideas for our home project.

Have a wonderful weekend in the warm sunshine.

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April 19th

Kindergarten News for April 16th – 20th


We finished the last letter in our alphabet books today.   We have had a great week of swimming this week. 


My favourite part of swimming was:

-diving off the diving board

-jumping off the jumping board and sliding down the slide

-jumping into the water

-kicking my legs out

-doing the starfish float

-going down the big water slide

-going down the little water slide

-jumping off the diving board

-going on the floaties

-riding the school bus

-blowing bubbles

-throwing toys in the water and swimming after them

-going in the deep water


*Reminder THERE IS NO SCHOOL tomorrow Friday April 20th. *


** It is class picture day on Monday April 23rd. **

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April 13

Today’s news in Kindergarten

We read and had centres with our buddies.  We practiced and read our poems that we are bringing home today to share with you.  We need to bring our poetry books back on Monday because we will be learning a new poem.  We had reading groups this week.  Some of us are reading Go Dog Go.  Some of us are practicing our letters and sounds and some of us are reading little books that we bring home to share with you.

We put seeds in order from big to little or little to big in math this week. 

We need to bring a towel and our underwear to swimming next week.  Please help us to remember our swimsuit and to wear it under our clothes everyday next week.   We will swim from 9:40 – 10:20 everyday next week.  

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April 6

This week we learned about a plant's life cycle and had a special EMT guest come and share about his job with our class. The students wanted to share with you all their amazing learning:

"I liked the lights on the outside of the ambulance." 

"It was fun building in blocks this week."

"We put seeds in a clear cup so we can watch them grow."

"In the ambulance we saw the camera that helps the driver watch his patient."

"We learned you can call the hospital from the ambulance to let them know how the patient is doing while he is driving there."

"I played a new house centre this week."

"I liked all the cool tools in the ambulance."

"Touring the ambulance was awesome!"

"We got to see the bed (stretcher) that the ambulance has inside and lay on it."

"I liked seeing how the doors on the back of the ambulance open up."

"There are seat belts in the ambulance to keep everyone safe." 

"I liked drawing our pictures of how the plants will grow."

"I liked the ambulance book Mr. Jason gave us to read at home."

"It was so awesome to plant our bean seeds."

"I liked learning about Mr. Jason's heart machine. We got to try it." 

"I liked looking out of the windows in the ambulance and seeing the whole world" 

Have a great weekend!

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March 23

Kindergarten Blog


Happy Spring Break everyone, and Happy Easter too.  We will see you all on TUESDAY, APRIL 3rdWe are hoping the weather will be warmer and we can enjoy the sunshine.  Thank you everyone for making time to come and see me for Parent/ Teacher interviews.  I appreciate your time and sharing information about your child(ren). 


This week in kindergarten we learned the letter “Hh”.  We have been working on smaller groups learning letters and sounds or learning sight words, and word families.  In math this week we continued to work on talking about numbers that were bigger and smaller.  We played some math games and we continue to count forwards and backwards as well as counting in French with the numbers on our calendar everyday.


Please continue to practice letters and letter sounds with your child(ren) read to them and ask them I questions like I wonder…. What does this remind you of?  I predict…, My favourite part of the story was…?


The videos we used this week are:

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March 16

This week in kindergarten

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We made awesome leprechaun traps.

We did reading groups

We had gym again

We played at centres.

Connor shared his star student poster with us.

We learned the letters “Uu” and “Ii” this week. 

We made patterns in math this week.  Ask me to share an AB and an ABC pattern with you this week.


*Please do not forget to book a Parent / Teacher interview appointment with Mrs. Watterberg this week. *

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March 9, 2018

Thank you to all the parents and family members for attending our Quest performance.  We were thrilled to see you all.

This Week in Kindergarten March 5-9


Cedar was the star of the week and shared his paper.

We did our play Olympic Kindness.  We met Devon from Quest Theatre.  He helped us write our play. 

We did not have gym this week.  We went to the library and Ms. B. was away so Ms Monique helped us with our books.  She read us a funny story.  We did the letter.  We did the letter “Nn” this week.  We did math work this week.

We had lots of fun doing our play.


Letter Videos for the letter “Nn”

Have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to move your clocks ahead.  

Mrs. Watterberg

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Pink Shirt Day
February 28th is Pink Shirt Day, which helps to raise awareness around anti-bullying.  This years’ focus is cyber bullying with the motto being “Nice Needs No Filter”.
The Me to We Club decided to raise funds to go toward this worthy cause. We will be organizing a pink-treat themed bake sale for the school.  We will be making pink rice krispie squares, pink popcorn and other treats to sell to our follow students for $1.00.  A gluten-free option will also be available.
Kindergarten News February 20th-23rd.

 This week we learned about Chinese New Year.

I loved making the Great Wall of China with paint, and sugar cubes.  We glued sugar cubes on cardboard after we designed our part of the wall with our Grade 3 / 4 buddies.

Did you know the wall is the biggest man made wall in the world?

I thought the finger print dragons we made with our fingerprints were amazing.

Did you know that some people think the Great Wall of China looks like a dragon?

We did Olympic Stations in gym this week.  I liked curling, I liked the luge, I really liked hockey, and the relay was my favourite station.

I liked writing my story about my dragon.  Ask me what my dragon can do.

Next week we need to wear pink on Wednesday for anti- bullying day.  It is also our library day. 

We do not have school next Friday. 

Have a great weekend.

It is supposed to be warmer.

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Feb. 14. Happy Valentine's Day

Kindergarten News Feb.14, 2018


 We had a special snack for our Valentine’s party. 

We learned how to curl with the program Rocks and Rings.

We had to get 9 wheels on our boat this week.

We learned the letter “Jj” this week. 

Thank you Ms. Beth for helping us with our party.


There is NO SCHOOL until Tuesday February 20th.  Have a great long weekend.

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Kindergarten News for February 5 - 9

We had lots of snow this week.  It was hard to have everybody at school on time. 

Today a police officer constable Jan (yawn) came to visit us and tell us about his job. 

 I liked when he showed the handcuffs.

 I liked when he showed us his baton

 I liked when he showed us his flashlight.

I liked when he showed us his gun.

I liked when he showed us all the pictures.

 We sewed on burlap this week in kindergarten.

 We played tag games in gym this week. 

 We had a yoga workout in class today.  Ask me about my favourite activity this week.

We hope you all have a great weekend and please stay warm.

*Next week we will have our Valentine's Day party and we will be doing Rocks and Rings a curling type activity in the gym on Wed. Feb. 14th.*

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