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Super 1st Week!

Dear Parents!
We have had a fantastic week of school in room 8-1! Ms. Helen Faber will be my team partner supporting our children. Yesterday we brainstormed and problem-solved a variety of ways to make the number 7. The students were encouraged to use various math operations to find different ways to make 7.   We've enjoyed meeting all your student and planning a variety of opportunities and activities that help us learn about one another.  A favourite highlight from our week was breaking into teams and doing the cup stacking challenge. The students had to work together as a group of 6 to stack 6 cups using only 6 pieces of string and a rubber band. On the first day they worked in pairs to "Save Sam" using 2 paper clips!  Ask your child what they learned about team building and working in a group through these activities.  

Some things to look forward to next week are we will be starting our class read aloud novel, getting outside for some learning and digging deeper into math as we continue to get to know each other.

Important Dates coming Up

Pancake Breakfast Sept. 7 7:30 AM

Meet the Teacher Sept. 20 and 21

Terry Fox Run Sept. 27

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Reid and Ms. Faber