Access and Privacy Statement

Calgary Board of Education Authorized Access and Use:

Access to the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) Desire 2 Learn (D2L) learning platform is limited to CBE authorized users for CBE authorized activity. Do not attempt to log on to or use this learning platform unless you are an authorized CBE user who has been given access rights. Any attempt of unauthorized access to, use of or modification to the CBE D2L learning platform is strictly prohibited.

Access and Privacy:

Participation in the CBE D2L learning platform means you may have access to personal information and academic work produced by other students, teachers and guests. You are expected to and must respect the rights of staff, students and guests as you participate in the D2L learning platform. Personal information and academic work of others obtained through the learning platform must not be used or disclosed for any reason unless the information is necessary for course work relating to the D2L learning platform.

Right to Audit, Monitor and Search:

Access to and use of the CBE D2L learning platform by any user is subject to auditing, monitoring and search by authorized personnel when required for operational needs or where there are reasonable grounds to suspect abuse, misuse or noncompliance with CBE policies or regulations or use for improper or illegal activities.

All access to and use of the CBE D2L learning platform is subject to CBEs Administrative Regulation 1062 - Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources. Any attempt of unauthorized access to, use of or modification to another persons personal information or academic work; or creating, posting, sending or downloading inappropriate material is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this regulation or of any other CBE policy or regulation may result in loss of access privileges or other penalties. CBE students are also subject to disciplinary measures under CBEs Administrative Regulation 6001 - School Discipline.